Herb Dryer Lyon France


RTK has own developed drying technology about belt type drying. Drying system details are chosen according to customer needs. Our skill is to success low temperature and long drying time with multi layer technology. RTK is capable to make big belt dryers like length from 10-30 m/each and layers 1-7 layers. RTK is also able to deliver monoblok dryer tunnel with special trucks then easy to make installation. Automation is one of important part of drying and RTK have automation to increase efficiency.

RTK has special know-how and technology about belt dryers. Our solutions with belt dryer has special ways to make efficient and required drying. Especially agricultural product drying need different temperatures and drying programs; RTK provides very well control on drying for customer to make own drying program in system; very flexible system. In this way customer can use same dryer for different products in efficiency;  some products to dry are herbs (like mint, melissa, chamomile, and similar greens)

RTK makes not only belt dryer we make complete factory with steam boiler, piping, feeding conveyors, exit conveyors, cutter, grinder, seperator, packing…

Belt dryer, 32×20 m 40 m² / layer x 3 layers from production

Herb Dryer Lyon France

Belt Dryer, 2×10 m x 7 layers, teflone belt

Dryer belti teflone